Band of Birds appointed to run communications campaign for The Outdoor City Weekender

Following on from previous success in running communications campaigns for the Climbing Works International Festival and the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival, Sheffield City Council have appointed Band of Birds to run the communications campaign for the Outdoor City weekender: An event celebrating all aspects of outdoor sports in the heart of Sheffield.

The Outdoor City Weekender is a festival celebrating outdoor sports all across the city over the 17th-19th March 2017 with the four core events of:

  • The Climbing Works International Festival
  • The Sheffield Adventure Film Festival
  • The Magnificent Seven
  • The Howard Street Duel

On top of the four core events is a fringe list occurring throughout the city with events such as Orienteering in Norfolk Park through to Trail running in Abbeydale Woods.

Creative Director Matt Bird said, "The opportunity to extend our expertise in order to celebrate the sports we love in the city we live in is a dream come true. We are really excited to invite everyone to see why Sheffield is the Outdoor capital city in the UK and enjoy the rocks and trails within the cities boundaries".

Matt Bird

MattBirdDog, Sheffield, United Kingdom