Following a landmark celebration last year as The CWIF turned 10 years old, Band of Birds were invited back for a fourth year to support The Climbing Works in continuing to grow their online audience, for what has become an internationally renowned and much anticipated climbing competition.

As in previous year's the aim was to capture and digitally translate the experience of attending the event, increase views to the webcast and raise the rate of online engagement. We achieved this by creating and capturing compelling content, through timely and targeted publishing and by enlisting the support of key influencers and media to amplify our activity. 



We worked with international trade media and participating athletes to report key announcements, distribute content and land key messages about The CWIF.  


We captured and reported key moments throughout the competition to enable remote audiences to follow the event live as it unfolded. Utilising audience data insights to inform the type of content we captured, what channel it was published and paid promotion allocation. 


To build anticipation among existing audiences and to help inform new audiences about the competition, we produced high quality content for use across multiple online channels. From sting videos to highlight packages, this year we created a series of athlete profiles to reveal the key contenders of the competition and what made them so.  


The CWIF 2017 was the most viewed yet, with more people watching for longer and an increased international audience. In total over 1.8 million minutes of footage were consumed by over 60,000 viewers by the end of the campaign period, with over 70% of YouTube views from consumers outside of the UK.

Across all the social media channels records were broken for impressions and reach with more audiences engaging with the varied content output and new record posts on Facebook and Instagram.

Our publicity campaign delivered over 40 articles across 20+ trade outlets with a number of titles running multiple pieces over the weekend and beyond, many adopting key messages and producing their own unique content to cover every aspect of the competition.