Creative Sheffield 


Sheffield City Council's economic division, Creative Sheffield appointed Band of Birds to work closely with in-house teams to devise and run an integrated marketing and communications campaign, to promote the 2017 Outdoor City Weekender: a three day festival celebrating Sheffield as top destination for outdoor activities in the United Kingdom. 

Strategic and promotional activity included:

  • Data auditing and segmentation to identify current and potential audiences to attract to Sheffield.
  • Developing branding, lead artwork, video and content for the promotion of the Weekender festival and the individual events in the build up to the festival.
  • Building awareness and reputation through media outreach, landing important national positioning coverage and developing journalist networks. 
  • Working with Salt Street Productions to align branding and key campaign communication messages within The Outdoor City Weekender trailer.
  • Live event reporting through film and photographic capture, publishing content in real-time via owned social media channels within the time-frame of the festival. 
  • Post evaluation reporting.

Key Facts at
a Glance


Increase in traffic to the Outdoor City website 


The Outdoor City trailer has become the most viewed video on their Facebook account

All social media channels saw significant growth over the campaign period